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Be you in need of aid, or in search of those to benefit, the Refuge is synonymous with salvation to many. The ancient stories of angels and fairies may be myths, but with a bit of kindness and effort, maybe everyone could be someone's miracle.

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A pyramid of needs and those to whom fate has dealt a bad hand deprived every one. From education to hygiene to shelter to food, Faewood endeavors to set the delicate machine of recovery into motion again.

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An insurmountable dream alone, but tantalizingly achievable together.

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A hundred cells in an organ, and each one critical. Which one might you aspire to be?


Faewood is an Eorzean-based institution with facilities dedicated to those in need. Be they orphans or refugees, beggars or outcasts, Faewood has its doors open to participants of all creeds. We believe strongly that the Grand Companies should have the resources to care for each and every one of their citizens, and things such as the Ala-Mhigan/Ul'dah refugee fiasco should not, under Hydaelyn's light, be allowed to unfold. In our post-occupation society, the necessities for life should be a right, not a privilege. The obsession over financial viability is shameful, for if one Free Company in the heart of pirate privateering territory can do it, certainly the Grand Companies should!

In the failure of those who were supposed to work in their best interests, the Refuge picks up the dregs. Be their stay a day or their residency permanent, we seek to enable those in need to better their lot in life, and for those who wish to pass on that gift to provide the ability to do so.


The Refuge section of Faewood takes in participants, which is the colloquial term used to refer to all who come to need our services.

Once the name is backed by some weight, we will host a weekly open kitchen to feed those in need. This serves as a chance to introduce our participants to society as peers rather than as gutter-trash, and perhaps if they have trade skills gives them a way to get off the streets by finding an employer. participants and those qualifying to become participants will always be welcome and fed. The general public is advised that we do not make restaurant level preparations nightly, however, and are encouraged to limit their patronage to scheduled days if possible.

We also offer education services in arcanima, literacy, mathematics, astronomy, and chemistry. There are also a variety of trade-skill mentors amongst our ranks.

All of these services are free of charge and always available for participants and those who qualify to become participants. The general public is also allowed to take advantage of these services on a 'pay what you want' basis, provided they are respectful of the participants.


After the Garlean occupation six years ago, many were left in poverty regardless of their standings and skills before. We believe that living is a right afforded to everything with the Lifestream flowing through their veins, and define living as more than just surviving in a hostile society. In order of priority, their needs must be met consistently and they must be accepted into a civil society where their ability can enable them to not just survive but thrive.


While the burden of defining what is 'in need' will invariably come with some controversy, we define 'in need' as one or all of the following;

  • Non-guaranteed access to clean food/water, whether due to poverty or abuse.

  • Non-guaranteed shelter from the elements, whether due to poverty or abuse.

  • Being unsafe in public or at home, barring criminal reasons (Garleans, Voidsent, etc.)

  • Those facing prosecution for peaceful religious beliefs. (Dalamud/Doomsday cultists do not qualify.)

  • Those facing prosecution for cultural reasons. (I.E.; 'poacher' Keeper Miqo'te)

  • Those facing prosecution for racial reasons. (I.E.; Half-Elezen)

  • Those facing prosecution for physical disability. (I.E.; lamemen)

  • Those facing prosecution for mental disability. (Barring legal 'insanity' or mental disabilities which would directly harm by nature our participants.)

While by no means is this a complete list of those qualifying for our services (some things are better not put to paper) they are by far the most commonly seen. Please work under the assumption that we will verify your story and do not abuse our good faith.


In general, those who do not meet the above requirements or similar will not be classified as 'in need'. This does not mean you can't participate in other ways, though! One of the major theologies behind our aid is that people need other people too, and introducing them to each other may allow them to find work and employment which allows them to thrive on their own.

The public is also welcome to engage of their own accord. However, there are some limits due to the safety of our participants being paramount. The following do not qualify for classification as a participant (and, in severe cases, do not qualify for even being legal in Eorzea, much less on our property.)

Voidsent & Under/Hyper-Aspected ((OOC: No Sin Eaters.))
While the tragedy of the Void is one to make a scholar's heart weep, all of her surviving peoples are permanently corrupted and mutated by the Void. Due to a complete lack of ability to control their own actions and the nature of our occupants, as well as the fact that they are illegal in every civilized institution of Eorzea and only questionably legal in use by the Blue Mages', Gladiators', and Thaumaturges' guild under heavy supervision, we will not serve Voidsent or give them refuge aside from granting them the permanent peace they surely deserve after their trauma. Entry is forbidden and will be reported to the Thaumaturges' guild and the Maelstrom. Please be advised that attempting to shelter one, or lying about its nature, is considered as a hostile action abetting an equally hostile entity and you will be handled as if under its thrall. Additionally, be advised that certain members of our Company are capable of aethersight; glamours and deception will not work and will equally be treated as a hostile action (on Voidsent).

For the same reasons, we will not serve the elementally tempered or hyper-aspected servants of primals. We comply with the guidelines issued by the Scions of the Seventh Dawn on this matter, making it not only a moral impossibility but a legal one as well - we are required to deliver all Tempered individuals to the Maelstrom, as an update from hostilities.

These caveats do not apply to incompletely aspected victims. The Tempered can be slowly aided, but they must still have the capacity to be willing to help their own recovery and choose to do so. We acknowledge aether sickness as a major violation of life and will work to aid its victims. Those who attempt to increase their aether sickness or spread their corruption purposefully to others are in no way welcome.

Anyone who is currently a member of the Garlean Empire's military forces, or a member of the ruling or administrative class (I.E. viceroys, etc) cannot legally be sheltered under our roof and will be turned over to the Maelstrom.

Garlean citizens fleeing their dictatorship, Garlean conscripts and defectors and similar are not subject to this restriction.

Complex Mammets/Synthetics/Robots/Magitek Golems
While artificial lifeforms are welcome to join us on an 'aiding' level, they cannot be considered properly 'alive'. They do not need to eat, drink, sleep, or find shelter, and thus do not qualify for participant-ship status. To keep our facilities free for the people who need them, we ask that you keep all non-employed synthetics free of our property.

To employ your robot, mammet, synthetic, or magitek golem with us, please be advised that you will be asked to turn over all blueprints, runework, and the source code so that we can vet it against malicious subterfuge. Failure to do so will result in the denial of the employment position.

Criminals & Similar Controversial
For your and our safety, if you have been convicted of a Class 1 GC violation (You know who you are), or any violation involving minors, you are not legally allowed to be considered a participant or be on our property as an employee. You must be accompanied by a supervisor at all times and be able to document your presence. You may not stay longer than 6 hours at any given time, even supervised, unless an exception is issued from our administrators. Admitting or discussing a Class 1 GC violation, even if unconvicted, will result in your immediate detainment and handing over to the Maelstrom.

Hostile Actors
While termed poorly, this in effect refers to any who directly resulted in the admittance of a participant. Any antagonistic individual not covered by the above terms who nevertheless seek to abuse or harass one of our participants is considered a hostile actor and is prohibited from entering the property. Doing so violates the terms of Private Property and will result (at best) in your detainment by the Maelstrom. Be advised that the Refuge will view this as a hostile intrusion and respond accordingly to defend ourselves by any means we view necessary. These terms also apply to any of the above conditions until appropriate action can be taken if prohibited entry is ignored.


Our Gil-making methods vary, but a large detractor to our cost is by doing all our hunting ourselves. Due to this, what we have on hand is what we have on hand; we are not a restaurant. We have a variety of enough to accommodate dietary choices but not enough to offer a full menu at all times, though we have stock enough to provide decent choices during public kitchen hours.

In large part, we keep this going through the philanthropy of our employees and the non-participant public when they engage with our 'pay-what-you-want systems. Since all of our hunting and preparation is done in-house and by volunteers, all Gil is 'profit' which can then be re-invested in the well-being of our participants.

Elsewise, we support ourselves through the hunts of Clan Centurio amongst other authorized Grand Company bounties and Trade Guild commissions.

Faewood does not believe that simply providing a place to sleep is enough to sustain a healthy lifestyle and good social standing. As Faewood does not classify itself as a shelter and more as a rehabilitation-adjacent facility to allow people to return to a normal lifestyle, it provides a variety of services to Participants and the general public alike.

Participants are given priority in this system over the general public, as are those in need. Please understand that not all facilities may be able to accommodate the needs of the general public at usual hours. Some Participants would rather not be disturbed at some of these facilities for various reasons, and Faewood does not believe in traumatizing them further.

That said, please feel free to check with an employee if you wish to use these services. They are open to the general public, presuming a Participant has not reserved a service at that particular point in time. Faewood does not have a set payment plan in place for many of these services and instead allows patrons to pay what they can or what they want.


Faewood understands that personal hygiene is difficult to maintain without access to ready and maintained facilities usually found on the premises of people's homes. For some Participants, these sorts of facilities may not be accessible, so Faewood has constructed a variety of public baths and showers. Participants may reserve use of these baths at any time. Patrons are welcome to use the bathing facilities at the request of a Participant or the invitation of the staff but are generally discouraged from walk-in use of these facilities.

Please be advised that the bathhouse is closed from 22nd to 24th toll nightly for cleaning and maintenance and is only open for volunteers and employees during this time.

La Chambre Violette

Food is widely seen as one of the essential components of the survival pyramid, but few may have reliable access to clean facilities to both cook and/or the reagents to create a proper meal. Faewood remedies this problem by having a weekly open kitchen for Participants and Patrons alike, where Patrons are invited to pay what they believe a meal deserves (or what they can) and Participants eat for free.

The kitchen, known as 'La Chambre Violette', is the main kitchen of Faewood and is used throughout the week to satisfy our own needs. As such, those in need, even if they are not Participants, are welcome to come and partake of the food at any time.

[Please be advised that La Chambre Violette sustains this service through the hunting and gathering efforts of Faewood's Participants, volunteers, and employees. As such, it does not feature a traditional menu and the content of the food may change widely. If you have a special request, please submit it at least a week in advance.

La Chambre Violette also doubles as a meet-and-greet for Participants and potential employers seeking talent, allowing Participants a chance to get their foot back in the game with their talents that they may not have been able to use.


Education is a cornerstone to functioning independently in today's society, but unfortunately far too many are deprived of the chance to learn. Faewood has a small schoolroom dedicated to teaching Participants as well as those who might not be able to get such education elsewhere the basics of what they need to know to work on their own - such as reading comprehension and writing in Eorzean Common. Side languages for Elezen, Doman, Hingan, and more are also available.

Faewood offers all of its basic courses for free, which include things such as basic geography, history, literacy (as above), aetherology, life skills, and more. For a full list of courses and their designations, please see the chart.

LiteracyVariousLearn the Eorzean alphabet and both how to read and replicate it on your own. Unlock a new world of telepathy through formerly meaningless runes!Basic
GeographyVariousLearn about essential Eorzean geography and the nature of its various lands and native creatures.Basic
HistoryVariousLearn a little bit about the various calamities that ravaged our star and the most essential events of the past to safeguard against the future.Basic
Aether 101Eirene du CharbonneauLearn the basics of aether's function. Ever annoy your mage friend asking what a 'polarity' is or an 'element' is? We can give you a basic rundown on some of the most critical elements of aetherology that you will use in your day-to-day life.Basic
Life SkillsNatsuki ShinshokuCan you cook? Can you sew? Can you mend a chair when you break it from your newfound weight after you learn to cook? Can you dress a wound in an emergency? If you answered 'no' to any of these questions, this course aims to aid people in independence.Basic
Far Eastern LiteracyNatsuki ShinshokuTired of forcing your Far Eastern friends to use Common to talk to you? Now you can learn to read and write (and hopefully speak on the way) Hingan or Doman and understand the struggle. A whole new world of communication awaits!Secondary
Elezen LiteracyEirene du CharbonneauDoes your friend keep calling you 'cher' and telling you to salute for some reason? Are you pretty sure you're being insulted behind your back? Now you can learn to speak elezen and figure out what that pompous Ishgardian noble /really/ thinks about you.Secondary
Xaelic LiteracyYisan and Toului HimaaHIMAA HAS THE BEST CLASS TO LEARN THE BEST LANGUAGE, XAELA. YOU NEED ONE PHRASE: Би тэмцэхийг хүсч байна? (Eirene notes: This is my best guess at how to transcribe what they're saying.) AND IF ANYONE SAYS IT TO YOU YOU SAY Тийм ээ!HIMAA Secondary
Aether IIEirene du CharbonneauDid you find Aether 101 interesting and want to know more? Herein we cover less about the specific nature of aether and the techniques that are used to manipulate aether the world over.Secondary
Aether IIIVariesAether II too easy for you? Want to get a head-start on learning to use an aetherial technique? Eirene can teach arcanima and thaumaturgy, while Natsuki can teach conjury and similar arts. Vivienne even comes prepared with native knowledge of the Whalaqee's blue magic!Tertiary
Anatomy and Health (Chiurgery)Natsuki ShinshokuDo you want to help people without using magic, but can't tell a tibia from a spleen? We'll help you learn the basics of how your body works as well as others'.Secondary
HealingNatsuki ShinshokuA more advanced look at anatomy and health, but factoring magical mending into the equation such as spells and potions. Contrary to belief, such things are not 'wave your hand and seal a wound'; there is a complex process and understanding of behind-the-scenes biology being displayed for regenerative effects such as stimulation of cellular mitosis and more.Tertiary


Self Defense (Unarmed)J'leytai MituLearn to defend yourself with your hands and feet from the Jackal Queen of the J clan herself, J'leytai Mitu. Specializing in Coeurl form, this martial artist will whip you into shape and teach you to defend yourself with lethal and non-lethal tactics.Basic
Self Defense (Small Arms)Natsuki ShinshokuUnarmed combat is good and all and is an excellent failsafe, but sometimes it's more efficient to pick up a small sidearm or knife to augment your physical capabilities - especially when your opponent is armed. Learn to shoot small arms such as hand crossbows or pistols, and how to use a knife to deadly efficiency.Basic
Physical FitnessHoplite and EmeraldThe Viera have long since been a martial warrior culture, and long ago they developed a dance to symbolize courtship between a snake and crane, which doubled as an exercise to keep their warriors fit and limber. Now, they are willing to teach you... if you will rise to the challenge. Comprised of four 'tiers' of two sets of six positions each, these stretches are guaranteed to challenge those of all fitness levels.Tier 1: Basic, 2 secondary, 3 tertiary, 4 advanced.
Wrestling/GrapplingHopliteSometimes, you just need to be able to subdue someone without hurting them - or maybe you wrestle for fun. Regardless, Hrje will teach you how to subdue your opponent and keep them down in this course.Basic
ArcheryEmeraldMelee range is not always an option. In this course, Lyof teaches how to hit a target with most types of bows and crossbows at increasingly far ranges, including the proper way to shoot, efficient tips from a centennial master, and the numerous fitness bonuses that come with it.Basic
KyudoNatsuki ShinshokuDiffering from traditional archery, Kyudo is a meditative form of shooting done with the spirit to guide your arrow rather than your eyes. Walkthrough the steps with Natsuki and learn to let tranquility rule your shots.Basic
FencingEirene du CharbonneauSometimes, the deadliest sword is the fastest and the most precise. Learn to harness this dance-step like art and strike down those who would menace you with a quick one-two.Secondary
Dancing: Near-Eastern ChakramJ'leytai MituHave you wondered at the techniques of some of the local dance troupes and their seemingly magical chakram work? J'leytai can pull the magic rug out from under you and teach you, too, to throw with such physics-defying precision and dance to intoxicating inner beats.Secondary
Dancing: KaguraNatsuki ShinshokuDo you believe that dancing should be meditative and a form of communication in itself? Should it bear your soul to the watcher, to invite your spirit to mingle as one with the world?Secondary

The ability to defend one's self is a critical one in today's unstable society. To this end, Faewood provides a variety of martial techniques and instructors to oversee your progress in said techniques. Faewood teaches basic, unarmed, or small-arms self-defense for free, and elsewise allows for honing one's physical fitness or skills. To this end, Faewood provides an eastern-style dojo to facilitate a safe environment for improvement.

As with proper education, training regimens are listed aside. All basic services are provided free of charge, while more difficult classes are pay-what-you-can.


In the interest of making coin on the side and allowing Participants to enjoy downtime, Faewood comes equipped with a theatre and, thanks to the generosity of Rowena's House of Splendors, an Allagen data projector. Tomestones which contain no valuable strategic information can be read and the data on them projected onto the back screen, allowing poetry, moving images, and stories to be played out for the enjoyment of those watching across a two-dimensional stage! Rediscover the drama, art, and recordings of the ancients!

Those who donate tomestones have free access to the Theatre at will, and Rowena's House of Splendors employees have free entry and use for life.

In times of difficulty, the theatre can also double as a presentation auditorium for Participants and staff to come together and meet.

The ticket fee to see a moving picture or similar is one-hundred Gil, save for Participants and those in need who get in free.


Thanks to the generous donations of the Twin Adders of Gridania, Faewood has access to a dedicated balcony that overlooks the Lavender Beds and an unpolluted view of the sky. Participants and the public are welcome to come here as they will and perform their own research projects or simply relax in the view.


Faewood comes fully equipped with a workshop, whom Participants and staff alike may work in to create and learn to craft. Equipped with modern tools and a selection of materials, Faewood allows the crafty, be they hobby or professional, to progress their knowledge of their trade or art and create with tools difficult to obtain coalesced in one place.

*Due to the nature of the workshop, it is off limits to non-Faewood personnel unless they are invited.


Faewood contains a variety of back rooms open for Participant and staff use, as well as dedicated dormitories for those who have not decided if they will stay at Faewood long-term or move on.

Faewood has a max capacity of eight tentatives and a max capacity of 'enough backrooms we had to get an excavation permit from the Limsan Port Authority'. These rooms can be locked from the inside only, and come with free clean clothes and grooming essentials, as well as access to bathrooms and other facilities.


As a natural consequence of being out of work or on the streets or put there by extreme misfortune or cruelty, it so happens that a very large portion of Participants - and frankly even patrons besides - live their lives in dread of history repeating itself, or conflicts within their hearts about choices they were forced to make. Some are soldiers. Some were children. Healing does not come only in the body, but also in the heart as well.

To this end, Natsuki Shinshoku runs a shrine to Tsukuyomi, the Eastern Lord of Love and Night, and provides confessionals, therapy, and spiritual aid. Faewood as a whole is designed as a place of peace and acceptance, but herein is our dedicated support for those who have suffered. We aim to provide a non-judgmental place to come to terms with ones' self again in confidentiality.


Mental health is important, but Participants often come in with wounds of the flesh as well - conditions went untreated, bandages unchanged, wounds unhealed because they couldn't afford care. While Faewood does not replace a normal medical specialists' care, we can provide both emergency care and much-needed 'People Maintenence'. Due to the nature of this service, we generally reserve these services for Participants and staff and urge normal patrons to not clog up the proceedings by using us as a replacement for a doctor.

Faewood aims to provide a gentle and safe place to relax, recover, and rest without risking infection or a lack of care in the future, all while not exploiting the injured for their money. While general care is limited to Participants, this is not to say that we will not take on emergencies if we are the first responders.

All of our medical staff are required to be licensed in resuscitation, field aid, first aid, and otherwise meet the requirements set forth for combat medics of the Maelstrom.


In addition to normal trade and mercantile practice manning the various services provided by Faewood, those who wish a more 'authentic' trading experience can learn the ins and outs of running various types of shops from Madam Pinede's Consignment Boutique, a shop in the twentieth ward which allows Participants to acquire real-world experience in manning shops and trade.

In addition to this partnered storefront, the Faewood will actively engage in trade agreements and the like for a variety of things - hunters can sell their wares to Faewood to provide for the Soup Kitchen or the Workshop, or alchemists can help sell medicines to the hospice, and more besides! This is but a quick overview. Contact one of the staff members if you wish to trade!


In the line of work of rehabilitating those downtrodden, there will inevitably be those who are so bitter that they seek to keep the misfortuned in their state of near-unlife. In Faewood, we define these individuals as 'hostile actors', or those who are hostile to the interests of Faewood and its residents. All of our staff are trained in /at least/ basic combat and are capable of defending themselves and others. Our regimen trainers often double as guards, and we hire defendants from the Yielding Veil to supplement our ranks and make sure no harm comes to our participants.

In the case of registered hostile actors who are actual criminals and the like, we handle, hunt down, and neutralize threats that seek to do the Faewood and its participants harm.

We don't really do a 'rank hierarchy', since within a tier things are generally equal. Roughly, the 'hierarchy' can be drawn as 'Echelon > Core > Auxilary', but within each group, everyone is mostly equivalent (with some authority on their own sphere over other groups) but nothing overarching.

ALL roles are expected to participate in some part. For example, a patron and a financer write prompts and DM stories, but any core member could also choose to DM that story if indicated or discussed. They can also give their own prompts and DM their own independent stories if they so choose. You can write up story prompts in the appropriate channel, of our Discord and indicate if you're looking to DM or just throwing the idea out into the air.

RankDescriptionOOC Description
Maitresse, Mistress (Or, technically, Master, feminine)The Maitresse is the operating head's role, currently held by Eirene Charbonneau. The Maitresse is the de-facto head and proprietor of Faewood, handling almost exclusively the back-end administrative duties.((The GM.))
Épouse, Wife, Lover, or SpouseHeld specifically by Myst Lastleaf. The Épouse is the operating co-administrator in the upper echelons.((Myst serves as co-GM.))
Réflexion, lit. 'Reflection'The original Grand Company petitioners and signatures.((Alt GM role. Not an 'official' rank, since all of those who hold this rank hold other roles in Faewood.))
Administrateur, AdministratorDirectly under the maitresse and épouse are the administrateurs. They operate as delegation-based aids for helping keep things running smoothly, and handle internal moderation. As we grow, the duties will change and expand over time.((You probably know this role more properly in the capacity of 'officers', but they're basically GMs in their own right, though their focuses will be a little more specific and based around a single aspect of administration rather than 'the whole deal'.))
Suppléante,SupplementaryUnofficial administrateurs.((Officer alts.))
Financeur, cognate. 'Financer'The first to make Faewood possible are the financers, which are basically the monetary investors in Faewood's development. These include the likes of the lalafells Rereja Reja and Lelesha Lesha, to name but two of the primary investors. The line between financeur and mécène is mostly drawn by seniority, but it is given in extreme cases when it's a consistent partnership.((Financeurs don't actually pay or provide OOC money, but rather are heavily invested in writing prompts and DMing jobs, above and beyond what's expected. They're the characters who keep plots moving day today, and the authors who try to find the common threads and offer ways to enable plot development beyond their own.))
Fournisseur, lit. 'Supplier'The vital lifeline of Faewood, the fournisseur is exactly what it says on the tin. Centered around procuring any number of amenities for Faewood, they are in charge of fulfilling and/or leading the gathering/crafting jobs ordered by financeurs and enabling the Faewood's members to complete their projects, be it through gathering or sharing of expertise. They are the hunters and gatherers who keep things well stocked, be it the soup kitchen (with control over the menu) or the tomestones for the theatre.((Fournisseurs are effectively our crafter/gatherer role, be it IC or OOC. The fournisseur centers around actual procurement and missions along those lines.))
Résolveur, cognate 'Resolver'Not all hunters seek the prey of beast alone, and some hunt a monster far more fierce; Man. Some would see Faewood fail, or mayhaps a single member be denied sanctuary, perhaps responsible for their misfortune in the first place. We deem these people 'hostile actors', and work in coordination with the Maelstrom and Centurio to issue and collect bounties. Be they bounty hunters, soldiers, of the philanthropic devotees who would defend others at risk to themselves, they eventually fall into the résolveur role.((Résolveurs are our combat role, as fournisseurs are our suppliers. While any fournisseur can take on a combat mission or a résolveur a gathering/crafting mission, this denotes what they're largely associated with. Résolveurs run hunts, combat events, and are less focused on 'gathering' and more on 'fixing a problem'. For example, a résolveur would be more prudent to send to a farm with blighted crop than a fournisseur would. The difference is more in 'are they doing what they do to supply, or are they doing what they do to keep people safe'? The worlds do bleed a bit but generally, we operate on this distinction.))
Salarié lit. EmployeeSalariés are those who were hired on after a period of being Volontaires due to their contributions being administratively valuable. From a point of logistics, they effectively are those that are considered 'too valuable to lose'. They're proper employees. Some move on to specialize into one of the other forms of supplier or resolver, but this is the catch-all for anyone on the payroll who isn't one of these two. This includes things such as house servants, cooks, teachers, maintenance technicians, and more.((Pretty much the same IC and OOC. Effectively a 'we've vetted you' rank, but not required to enter into a gathering or combat specialization - we'll sometimes skip this one entirely. As with the previous two ranks, a combat-focused character can still help clean the house, and a maid doesn't have to be defenseless or uninvested in the defense of the estate.))
Volontaire, cognate. 'Volunteer'The majority of the workforce of Faewood and the default 'member' is either Volontaire or Participant, which we will touch on shortly. Volontaires are those who are NOT in need who elect to help out of the kindness of their hearts at Faewood. They are provided lodgings and access to Faewood's facilities if necessary. This is a very broad role, but their duties are generally tailored to them. They are background checked.((ICly, Volunteers are the unpaid catch-all philanthropists who want to help others, and are mostly what Faewood is geared towards, as well as participants. They graduate into a supplier, resolver, or employee over time and as their specialties become clear.))
Participant, no translation necessary.Participants are the primary focus of who Faewood helps - those in need. They can be defined in a variety of ways, be it homelessness, poverty, persecuted, et cetera, but participants are the down-on-their-luck poor souls which Faewood is dedicated to helping. They are taught to care for themselves and others, and educated in the basics of living on their own in the hopes to rehabilitate them into self-sufficiency. Participants are afforded shelter, food, and are the bread and butter of 'who's it all for?'. When participants no longer qualify, many seek to return the kindness as volunteers, or sometimes are hired straightaway as employees if they have undiscovered talents.((Basically, the other member role focused on those who aren't so much in a position to help others ICly and are the ones in need of help. The street urchins, the illiterate, the dude going through a nasty divorce and his wife took the house and threw him out on the street, veterans who can't find work, et cetera. Not necessarily what some might call 'free loaders', since they are expected to help out, but also expected to provide prompts and story fodder. We attempt to progress everyone's characters, but Participants are the 'we really need progressed' territory. A lot of participants are characters written into bad corners and we aim to help 'unwrite the corners', so to speak. Much like real-life shelters and rehab efforts, it's an offer of a way out.))
Mécène lit. PatronFinanceurs in their infancy, mécène are the patrons who hire Faewood for a gig or two but don't really have a whole lot of influence or investment into Faewood itself. They're also the catch-all term for people who don't really 'work' at Faewood, and instead pay for its services, be it classes, access to the baths, a moving picture viewing, the soup kitchen, et cetera. They're allies and respected, but aren't super influential on internal dealings.((Basically: Anyone who isn't really 'doing' a whole lot but is paying Faewood to do stuff for them, or for stuff Faewood does. They also write prompts and stories and are generally pre-requisite to being financeurs. They are the creative heart of inspiration.))
Requérant, lit. PetitionerThe basic rank for all applicants to Faewood in any capacity, be they participant, voluntaire, or mécène. This is the time when background checks are conducted, information is verified, attendance and amiability are judged, and the applicant is vetted. This process varies depending on the individual but on paper is supposed to last for a month to the day from their joining, at the end of which a decision is reached by the administration after consulting with their to-be peers.((Effectively our trial rank. Basically; 'Do you cause problems? Does your story check out? Do you mesh well?' et cetera, et cetera. It also gives us time to get to know each others' characters and decide whether or not our story styles are compatible, or even if you want to stick around. We seldom skip this rank unless we know a person (from returning or other places), in which case they've already been vetted.)
Gouvernante, lit 'Manager of the House'Housing Manager(( OOC Decorator rank. Given if they're doing interior design. The rank has no other privileges. ))
Alternatif, cognate 'Alternative'.Undefined.(( OOC alts. ))

The Maelstrom of the Great Ship Limsa Lominsa

The former enablers of Faewood, grandfathered in from their days as a Limsan refuge, come in the form of the Maelstrom. While beyond their jurisdiction, we still receive some consideration while in Limsa.

The Maelstrom provides:

  • Some monetary aid,

  • Legal aid (in dealing with hostile actors, etc.)

The Twin Adders of Gridania

The newest benefactors of Faewood are the Twin Adders, who are the go-between for most security efforts, legal checks, permits, and hunt requests. Due to the nature of our work at Faewood, we work closely in line with the Adders, albeit not explicitly under their entire jurisdiction in all matters.

The Twin Adders provide:

  • Our land deed, in the name of Eirene Charbonneau,

  • Neighborhood security/Legal presence,

  • All permits for excavation/education,

  • Our certificates for the right to practice for medicine,

  • Inspections (to ensure lack of corruption/abuse),

  • Some monetary aid,

  • Legal aid (in dealing with hostile actors, etc.)

Rowena's House of Splendors

Rowena's House of Splendors is a business organization with branches in Mor Dhona and Idyllshire, dealing in exotic Allagen tomestones and cut-throat business deals. Faewood has a trade agreement with Rowena's House of Splendors that, in exchange for the providence of Allagen tomestones of property and artistry to be viewed and performed in our theater, Rowena's House of Splendors gets a 25% ticket price share as well as free access and entry for all Rowena's House of Splendors employees.

The Yielding Veil

The Yielding Veil is a Free Company providing insurance and security for young fledgling adventurers to the more vetted combatant in the profession. The main focus is being able to provide and offer consultation to adventurers as they take on leves and quests from the Grand Companies. The Yielding Veil can offer other services that the common adventurer may need. Inquiry about additional services at the Yielding Veil Company Home in the Mist. (Ward 12, Plot 58.)

Madam Pinede's Consignment Boutique

Madam Pinede and her companion Weird Maple run a small consignment shop, where they act as a property front for selling wares of those who might not have access to a shop. They offer basic sewing classes and allow Faewood members to use the back workspace to create. They sell Faewood goods on consignment and provide recompense for retrieving rare reagents for those who are interested in such things.

NPC-run shop in Limsa Lominsa, Mist Ward 20 Apt. 30. Public. Contact Myst for private NPC interactions, tasks, or jobs.

Huntmaster Noir's Hunt Board

"The Clan is nothing without its courageous hunters, so I come to you and offer these for culling! prove your strength and eventually, I will return with even stronger prey for one to test their might against."
Kodran Noir of Clan Centurio is offering hunts for beasts of all sizes and strength, all approved for hunting by the Clan, full Gil rewards for successful completion of tasks.

Player-run hunting endeavor. Find Kodran's hunting board here.